Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy is delivered while the patient relaxes in a recliner chair, perhaps watching TV, chatting, or reading, while receiving intravenous EDTA. The process takes one and one-half to three hours during which the patient is monitored by a chelation technician or the doctor. Other than perhaps a momentary sting when the tiny IV needle is inserted, there is no pain or discomfort.

Chelation is a non-surgical treatment for heavy metal poisoning which has been found to be effective in treating cases of poor circulation and hardening of the arteries. The therapy consists of slow intravenous infusions of a synthesized amino acid called EDTA, or ethylene diamine tertaacetic acid.

JAMA, August 24:31, 1984, Vol,252,No8
FDA Does NOT Approve Uses of Drugs

Dr. John Archer of the American Medical Association, in a JAMA editorial, makes this observation:

"The FDA cannot approve or disapprove of how a a legally marketed drug is used by a physician in his practice. The agency ONLY approves of what a manufacturer may recommend about uses in its labeling (package insert) and advertising."

The term "FDA approval" is a marketeering term made up by the pharmaceutical industry to hood wink the public and the medical profession.

{The above is a very important thing for folks to be able to find & read because many folks believe that chelation is not 'approved' by the FDA. The FDA does not approve by-pass surgery because it is not under their jurisdiction, just as the medicinal use of EDTA is not under their jurisdiction. False marketing claims about EDTA is under the jurisdiction of the FDA. But how a physician uses EDTA in his/her practice is not an FDA issue!}

How Does it Work?

"Chele-" is the Greek word for "claw". Chelating molecules have a 'claw-like' nature to them in that the 'pinchers' have minus or negative charges and this negatively charged claw will weakly bind or attract positively charged metals and remove them from the body. Vitamin C is a weak chelating agent. EDTA Chelation (for the most part implies "chelation") removes Lead, Aluminum, Cadmium, Arsenic, and Tin. To detect and then remove Mercury, via chelation, DMPS and DMSA (orally) are used, perspectively."

When EDTA is injected into the bloodstream, it surrounds calcium ions in the blood and quickly takes them with it through the kidney into the urine. The body then mobilizes calcium from hardened arteries, joint linings and other stiffened tissues. The process may even stimulate bone growth, improve cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

A physical is required prior to treatment. Thirty to forty treatments, given once or twice a week, is the basic course of therapy.

Is it Safe?

Chelation is a very safe procedure when administered by trained physicians and their assistants. Fifteen hundred physicians across the US have safely administered more than four million EDTA infusions to over 400,000 patients.

Chelation therapy can be used along with most other therapies for cardiac-vascular disease. EDTA is compatible with block thinners, blood vessel dialators, medicines for blood pressure and heart arrhythmias, calcium blockers and beta blockers.  The need for drugs is often reduced or eliminated after a course of chelation therapy.

Common surgical bypass procedures repair only one artery at a time.  Chelation therapy is comprehensive, improves circulation all over the body, and at a fraction of the cost of surgery.


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